Two guys were recently kicked out of a bar in Copenhagen for kissing.

Bar apologises for kicking out two gay men

The doorman at the Copenhagen bar ‘Cafe Funke’ decided to throw out two guys for kissing on March 29. One of the guys, Christoffer Jakshøj, reported the incident to the police as a hate crime, and now the bar apologises.

“Funke has comfortable couches, candlelights on the tables and a tolerant attitude”. That is the description of the bar ‘Funke’ on their website, but 2 weeks ago the bar’s bouncer was not really in a tolerant state of mind as he expelled two Danish gay guys for kissing each other.

One of the guys was Christoffer Jakshøj from the Danish LGBT Youth Organisation, and he was immediately aware of what was going down:

“I met a cute guy during the night and we started to talk and dance a bit, before we headed to the bar. We each bought a beer and stayed in the bar chatting. After a bit of talking it turned into kissing, and because of the cosy atmosphere and both of us having had a bit to drink the kissing continued. We only took breaks to smile and talk”, Christoffer explains to Homotropolis and continues:

“All in all it was pretty much a great Friday-night-catch. That was until the bouncer approached us and asked us to stop. He informed us that our behaviour was not allowed in the bar, that he would not have it, and that we should go to the gay bar Cosy instead”.

Christoffer discussed the issue with the bouncer and let him know that his statement and attitude was not right and even though one of the bartenders loudly disagreed with the bouncer’s decision, the two men were still kicked out after which Christoffer chose to call the police to report the discriminating incident. He reported it as a hate crime and the police promised to come by the bar and investigate the issue as soon as possible.

“While we waited for the police outside more guests from the bar joined the two guys outside and started asking questions about the incident. Some of them were already aware of what had happened and they were mad. One of them even called the police while the rest were shocked after learning why the guys had been kicked out. The police arrived and questioned me, the guy I had kissed and the other guest that had also reported it to the police”, Christoffer says.

The police also questioned the bouncer who suddenly explained that the boys we’re in each other’s pants and that he wouldn’t allow such inappropriate behaviour for either straight or homosexual bar guests.

“That is not at all true and is further supported by the fact that it was not that explanation he gave us when expelling us”, Christoffer says while reaffirming that they did absolutely nothing but kissing.

When Christoffer came back home that night he shared his story on Facebook and emailed the bar to let the owner know about the incident and ask about the bar’s door policy and it’s attitude to gays.

The bar quickly replied. They apologised for the incident and invited Christoffer to a meeting to discuss the incident and to give him a face-to-face apology. Christoffer accepted the invitation and met the owner Monday night this week.

“He was shocked about what had happened and said that that is not at all how he wants the bar to behave. He emphasised that Funke, according to him, had been and should continue to be a place for everybody regardless of skin colour, sexual orientation etc. I kindly accepted their apology and asked them what they planned to do to ensure that this kind of discrimination would not happen again. I was told that he would have a serious talk with the bouncers to ensure that everybody knows about and follow the bar’s open-minded policy. They finished off by saying that they hoped that I would visit the bar again and that I was, of course, allowed to kiss whoever I wanted”, Christoffer Jakshøj says and adds that the bar handled the uncomfortable incident well through understanding and kindness.

“After the meeting I will definitely visit ‘Funke’ again in the future and I will not think twice before kissing a nice guy in a straight bar again”.

Christoffer Jakshøj has gained a lot of respect in the Danish LGBT community through this episode by showing that discrimination and homophobia should never be tolerated and should always be reported and followed up upon.

Photo: Michael Sondergaard