Scandinavia to host its third event for prospective LGBTI parents

Growing Families will be running an educational event on alternative family-building and surrogacy in Stockholm in just a few weeks. This is the third Scandinavian best-practice conference focusing on bringing together intended parents, surrogates, donors, families and experts. 

Scandinavia to host its third event for prospective LGBTI parents

Swedes and Norwegians are amongst the biggest users of surrogacy to create family, and this route to parenthood is supported by the majority of their population. A survey of Swedish attitudes two years ago found that 89% believed Swedes should be allowed to engage in surrogacy at home and 79% supported access surrogacy in countries which protected womens’ rights.

So it is encouraging to see three members of the Swedish Riksdag’s Moderates last month propose a motion to investigate introducing legislation allowing altruistic surrogacy in Sweden.

Countries such as the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong and Greece have proved that successful altruistic legislation can be passed to enable relatives and friends to assist infertile couples to create a family without coercion. Such legislation is important as it provides a recognition of the legitimacy of altruistic surrogacy and a pathway for the transfer of parenthood.

“In my role running the global non-profit educator Growing Families (formerly Families Through Surrogacy), we educate about surrogacy arrangements characterized by mutual respect, integrity and closeness. The dozens of surrogates I know are mature, confident women who decide to help another couple without outside influence – their main motivation is wanting to give something extra-ordinary. For those surrogates not previously known to their recipients, research shows them to be motivated by the joy and firm friendships that surrogacy brings”, Sam Everingham Global Director at Growing Families states.

Growing Families has been running educational events in Stockholm for the last few years, bringing together parents and experts to discuss and educate those considering this pathway to family-building.

Canada has struggled to cope with a huge influx of gay intended dads particularly from Europe and Australia. Swedish dad Zichi will share his experience. Meanwhile US surrogacy is booming, though wait times to match with a surrogate at some agencies are now over a year. More affordable programs for gay singles and couples are emerging in Columbia, Cyprus and Czech Republic, but it is important to understand the limitations of these.

For prospective LGBTI parents, hearing about what to expect is essential. At the Elite Palace Hotel, event on 17 November, parents, lawyers, IVF professionals and agency staff will share their experience in the US, Canada and Russia and we will look at emerging options in some detail.

Creating family is too important not to have full knowledge. Read more about the event here

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