Financial boost for WorldPride and EuroGames 2021

Budget negotiations in the City of Copenhagen delivers a financial boost to the organizers of Copenhagen 2021: WorldPride & EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö. The City of Copenhagen will provide a grant of approx. 1 million USD to cover early planning in 2019.

Financial boost for WorldPride and EuroGames 2021

We welcome the support from the City of Copenhagen. This financial backing is instrumental in making Copenhagen 2021 a global and inclusive mega-event for the LGBTQ community, says Lars Christian Østergreen, CEO of the secretariat organizing Copenhagen 2021, and continues:

We have been hard at work to secure this grant, and it will be a tremendous help as we head into the early planning of a massive WorldPride festival, a EuroGames with sporting events in 27 disciplines, a conference focusing on LGBTQ rights around the world and a bunch of other events.

Copenhagen Pride won their bid to host WorldPride 2021 last year, and the Copenhagen LGBTQ sports organization Pan Idræt won their bid to host EuroGames 2021 earlier this year.

The two local host organizations had envisioned from the outset that WorldPride and EuroGames should be celebrated in parallel as one mega-event, for the first time ever. This event is named Copenhagen 2021.

There is no doubt that a combined celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames will empower our global LGBTQ community in our fight for equality, says Lars Christian Østergreen. – We want this event to be truly inclusive of all the letters in our acronym, and we want Copenhagen 2021 to be a platform for activists and athletes from marginalized communities to have their voices heard.

The public grant of approx. 1 million USD from the City of Copenhagen is a financial boost to the organizers, who can now move on with planning in 2019. More funds are expected to be granted down the line by the City in its budgets for 2020 and 2021.

Our local governments and its politicians once again show that they not only support our cause, they are indeed champions of LGBTQ equality, says Lars Christian Østergreen. – With their continued support, we will deliver a spectacular event that puts inclusivity front and center, raises awareness on LGBTQ issues, and boosts Copenhagen as a truly progressive and open-minded destination for LGBTQ people.

Copenhagen 2021: WorldPride & EuroGames is expected to attract 750,000 visitors during August 12-22, 2021. The event will take place in both Copenhagen and Malmö. WorldPride is licensed to Copenhagen Pride by InterPride, and EuroGames is licensed to Pan Idræt by the EGLSF.

Photo: Ewa Godd

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