CPH PIX: LGBTQ+ themed films to watch

CPH PIX is Denmark’s biggest feature film festival that shows more than 150 films during its two weeks. This year the festival runs from September 27th until October 10th in cinemas all over Copenhagen and we have picked out a handful of LGBTQ+ themed films for you to enjoy during CPH PIX.



A remarkable debut from Belgian director Lukas Dhont about the teenager Lara, who was born a boy, but is undergoing treatment to become a woman. However, Lara is impatiently eager to become herself. 16-year-old Viktor Polster shines as Lara, who fights with existential frustrations, and the dream to become a ballerina.

‘Girl’ won the prestigious Un Certain Regard in Cannes and participates in New Talent Grand PIX at this festival.

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It is with great humour and warmth that Carlos Marques-Marcet tells the story about the couple Eva and Kat, who, while drunk with their friend Roger, decide to start a small rainbow family. However, are they truly ready for the commitment? The film never falls for stereotypes, but manages to create living, imperfect people we feel like hanging out with.

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How many films manages to be about the refugee crisis, EU-skepticism, puppies, football, gender engineering and shifting gender roles? ‘Diamantino’ is filled with bizarre occurrences and black humour, and maybe that’s why it won the Critic’s Week in Cannes.

A bit of good advice: don’t ask too many questions, but do like the film’s happily ignorant hero does and let yourself be carried away by this fever dream.

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An existential and deeply emphatic drama about the HIV-positive author Jacques, who in Paris in the beginning of the 90’s tries to find his place in life, as long as it may last. Does he dare fall in love with the young Arthur, who in so many ways reminds him of himself, or should he try to save the relationship with his dying lover – or with his son?

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Getting asylum in Iceland is almost impossible, and this isn’t exactly what African Adja dreams of, but she is stuck there. So is the single mother Lara, who struggles with her past as a drug addict. However, she has recently landed a bland job in the customs area in Keflavik airport. Peculiarly the two find each other in this highly relevant, warm-hearted film that dares to be political.

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