Zebra Katz headlining Copenhagen Pride Show 2018

The openly queer rapper Zebra Katz, best known for his 2012 single Ima Read, will take over Pride Stage at Copenhagen City Hall Square on Saturday 18. August.

Zebra Katz headlining Copenhagen Pride Show 2018

Ojay Morgan is better known by his artistic alter ego and stage name Zebra Katz. An openly queer rapper and hip-hop artist who is not really a big fan of the categorisation “queer rap” himself. The music should speak for itself.

The character of Zebra Katz was created back when Ojay Morgan went to college, but in 2012 – with the release of the single Ima Read – Zebra Katz quickly became a very well-known name not only within the world of hip-hop but also amongst indie fans and within the more mainstream music scene. The instant success of the track was further fueled by fashion designer Rick Owens who used Ima Read as the soundtrack to his 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week.

One of the first things you will undoubtedly notice when listening to Ima Read is the impressive number of times the word “bitch” comes up. “I’ma read that bitch, I’ma school that bitch”. In fact, the word “bitch” is being used no less than 87 times throughout the track, and this is for a reason. Zebra Katz wants to reclaim and neutralize the word.

“It’s seen as a very misogynist word in hip-hop but we’re trying to numb it,” Morgan explained in an interview with The Guardian.

Ima Read is also an homage to American drag culture and draws obvious references to the famous 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning and the ball culture of New York. The track has been remixed by some of the biggest, including Busta Rhymes, Tricky and Grimes.

Zebra Katz will perform on Pride Stage on Saturday 18 August, and while it might be Ojay Morgan landing at Copenhagen Airport, rest assured that it will be his powerful, colorful and sexy alter ego Zebra Katz who will take the stage and make the proudest crowd in town scream for even more.

“Creating a strong, black, other, queer male is something that really needed to happen because you don’t see that that often, especially not in hip-hop. But it’s terrifying standing up as a queer man. People are getting attacked all over the world, but you have to use your sexuality as a tool, instead of having them use it against you”, Morgan said in an interview with The Guardian.

In 2015 Zebra Katz released the EP “Nu Renegade” and in 2017 he appeared on several tracks on the Gorillaz album Humanz.

Saturday 18. August 2018 / 21:00
Pride Stage, Copenhagen City Hall Square

Photo: Bjorn Jonas

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