6 Reasons why Pan Idræt should host EuroGames 2021

Pan Idræt is in the running towards becoming the host of EuroGames 2021, and the final vote will land during the weekend (3. – 4. March 2018). Here are a few reasons why Pan Idræt would make a great EuroGames host and why Copenhagen would be the perfect host city!

6 Reasons why Pan Idræt should host EuroGames 2021

1. Pan Idræt has the experience!
Founded in 1984, Pan Idræt has more than 30 years of experience in bringing the LGBTQ community together in inclusive sporting events. Due to the fear of HIV and AIDS, gay men were often rejected from mainstream swimming teams, and so they got together and formed their own club. That small group of gay men has grown into an association with more than 900 members, altogether playing more than 25 sports. Indeed, Pan Idræt has the organisation and capacity to put on an awesome EuroGames! Add to this their experience from hosting EuroGames in 2003, contributing to World OutGames 2009 and celebrating their 30th anniversary by hosting the international Pan Games tournament. It should be clear to anyone that Pan Idræt will be the perfect host of EuroGames 2021.

2. The politicians are on board!
The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and all six Deputy Mayors from both sides of the aisle are supporting Pan Idræts bid to host EuroGames 2021. Even the Danish prime minister on behalf of the whole government has expressed his support for this bid. This kind of institutional support for an event like this is extra-ordinary and sends a clear message: the politicians are on board! On top of their support, the politicians have pledged to help Pan Idræt in putting together a professional and top-notch event.

3. There’s a sport for everyone!
With more than 25 sports so far included in the program of EuroGames 2021, there’s a guarantee you’ll find something of your liking. Whether you prefer team sports or one-on-one competitions, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you’re here to make new friends or break records, you’ll have fun! With everything from e-Sport, curling and bridge to ballroom dancing, water polo and handball there’s a sport for you! There will also be several levels provided in most sports so that beginners and pros alike can challenge themselves and enjoy the games.

4. #YouAreIncluded!
As LGBTQ events such as EuroGames often end up attracting many male athletes, we’re putting in effort to make sure that people from all letters of the acronym will have a good time. We’re planning to set up a dedicated women’s space to make sure that women taking part in this event do not feel left out in venues dominated by men. For the games and competitions, we’re looking at ways to make sure trans, intersex and non-binary athletes can take part, too. We will engage with activists from these communities to receive advice, and when official bodies put obstacles in our way, we will engage in a constructive dialogue, challenge their policies and try to find solutions to make EuroGames as inclusive as possible.

5. Joining forces with WorldPride!
EuroGames in Copenhagen will not be an isolated sporting event. As Copenhagen Pride is hosting WorldPride in 2021, the plan is to have EuroGames and WorldPride merge into one, global mega-event named Copenhagen 2021. It will be a spectacular celebration of love, sportsmanship and LGBTQ rights! Indeed, LGBTQ athletes from all over the world travelling to Copenhagen will not only find top-notch sporting events, they will also find themselves emerged into the playfulness of pride, and when they leave the court after a long day of competitions, they can indulge in the host of opportunities that will be Copenhagen 2021.

6. We’re fighting discrimination!
As a part of EuroGames 2021, Pan Idræt plans to host a sports leader conference to break down the barriers holding LGBTQ athletes back. By empowering LGBTQ clubs around the world and promoting the inclusion of athletes at all levels of participation, we wish to combat discrimination and foster more inclusive and diverse athletic communities. We want to give athletes and coaches of all ages and all sports, recreational and competitive, the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively run successful sports clubs and combat discrimination in their own local leagues and in international tournaments as well.

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