10 Danish women you should know about

We have handpicked 10 Danish LGBT+ women from both the past and the present that we proudly serve you right here on a silver platter.

10 Danish women you should know about

Anne_Linnet_webANNE LINNET
The uncrowned queen of Danish pop music and one of the biggest lesbian icons in Denmark.
Anne Linnet, who is now 64 years old, has been a household name in Danish music since the 1970’s and is openly bisexual, having been married and in relationships with both women and men throughout the years.
Linnet has 7 kids and is currently in a relationship with the 26-year-old Kathrine. Her song “Smuk Og Dejlig” (recorded under the name Shit & Chanel) is about Anne Linnet’s crush on the Danish actress Ulla Henningsen and it has become quite the lesbian anthem. Other must-hears are “Barndommens Gade”, “Tusind Stykker” and “Glor På Vinduer”.
Photo: Simon Wedege Petersen

Lili-Elbe_webLILI ELBE
Chances are you have watched or heard about the 2015 movie “The Danish Girl”, a fictionalised account of Lili Elbe’s life that received criticism for casting a cisgender man (Eddie Redmayne) to play a transgender woman.
The real Lili Elbe became one of the first people in the world to undergo sex-reassignment surgery, and was a very skillful and succesful painter up until her transition. Lili Elbe went to Germany in 1930 to have her surgery carried out, and while the operations were initially quite succesful, Lili Elbe died in the fall of 1931 after a final operation which was an attempt at implanting a uterus.
The LGBT+ film festival MIX Copenhagen has named several of their annual awards in Lili Elbe’s honur.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Hannah-bjarnhofHANNAH BJARNHOF
Writer and actress born in 1928 who played everything from Electra to numerous cabarets.
Bjarnhof did not publicly come out as lesbian until the late 1990’s, but when she finally did it happened on national TV, and for that she was given the Lesbian Award of Acclamation (Lesbisk Jubelpris) by LGBT Denmark in 1999.
Hannah Bjarnhof died in 2002, and a proposal to name a new square in Copenhagen in her honour was discussed and later rejected in favour of the name Regnbuepladsen – The Rainbow Square – which is now situated right next to the City Hall with the rainbow flag permanently flown.
Photo via dr.dk


Danish professional golfer who has been residing in Australia since the age of 12. By playing in the Women’s Australian Open in 2004, she became the first openly transitioned woman to ever compete in a professional golf tournament.
Bagger has lobbied and campaigned for transgender eligibility in golf throughout her career, and has been a driving force in having bylaws amended in golf associations so that being “female at birth” is no longer an entry condition.
Mianne Bagger remains both a succesful golfer and an activist for full inclusion of transgender individuals in the sport and a better acceptance of gender variance.
Photo: Pvt Pauline

rosa-luxROSA LUX
DJ, singer and producer who rose to fame in 2011 with the release of her debut album Monsters which included the biggest mainstream hit so far, “Min Klub Først”, featuring Danish singer Alberte Winding and her daughter Josephine Winding. Most recently, Rosa Lux – who herself is lesbian – was starring in the production of “Monster” in Copenhagen, in which she was singing live on stage throughout the play, while the tragic story of lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos unfolded.
Rosa Lux took her name in honour of the Polish-German philosopher, feminist and revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg.
Photo: Good Evening Europe

sandra-daySANDRA DAY
A legend within the Danish gay subculture throughout the 1980’s, Sandra Day was a trans actor, stripper, bookseller and brothel owner who even managed to add recording artist to her CV posthumously, with the release of her solo album “Sing – Don’t Cry” in January 2011.
The album came out with mixed reviews on her 72nd birthday, but unfortunately Sandra Day herself passed away one month earlier, making the post-funeral gathering a release party at the same time.
Sandra Day got her first breast implants in 1970, but the procedure was really badly carried out resulting in one breast being remarkably bigger than the other, which made Sandra name her breasts Bismarck & the Thalidomid Titty. In 2007, Sandra Day’s autobiography “From Hickerbilly to Whip Queen” was published.

anne-kejserANNE KEJSER
TV and radio host who became famous back in 2009 with the candid camera comedy show “Slemme, slemme piger” (Bad, Bad Girls), in which she pranked men on national tv along with female comedy colleagues Kia Liv Fischer and Maria Egede.
Anne Kejser is openly lesbian and currently living happily in Jutland with her girlfriend, photographer Mette Heiring, and their 3-year-old daughter.
Throughout her career, Anne Kejser has remained vocal and open about her sexuality, and for the last couple of years she has hosted her own radio show on the DR radio channel P1 simply called “Kejser”.

leonora-christina-skovLEONORA CHRISTINA SKOV
Danish author, literary critic and public debater who has just released an autofictive novel dealing with her personal struggles of coming out as lesbian to non-accepting parents and breaking free from a controlling family environment.
Leonora Christina Skov’s first novel came out in 2003, and since then she has repeatedly chosen to step forward as a lesbian and tell her own story.
In 2008 she was named “Rainbow Person of the Year” by Danish organisation LGBT Denmark.
Privately, Leonora Christina Skov is married to science journalist Annette K. Nielsen and they live together in Frederiksberg.

Sarah-glerupSARAH GLERUP
Openly lesbian politician, cartoonist and singer who participated in Danish X Factor in 2016.
Sarah is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and became the first Danish MP to also be a wheelchair user. Sarah Glerup went all the way to the live shows in X Factor where she nailed Goldfrapp’s “Strict Machine” and the Depeche Mode classic “Enjoy the Silence” by singing through her respirator. Her main motivation for participating in X Factor was to prove to the world that you can do what you want, as long as you put your mind to it.
Politically, Sarah Glerup is a member of the Red-Green Alliance (“Enhedslisten”).
Photo: Tonje Eliasson

natalia-zahleNATALIE ZAHLE
Born in 1827, Natalie Zahle was a pioneer on women’s education and launched a programme for the training of female teachers in 1851 (the very first of its kind in Denmark).
While the personal life of Natalie Zahle might be open to alternative interpretations, it is a fact that she lived with different women throughout her life, and during the more than 30 years she spent with Ingeborg Vinderen, it was common for Natalie to refer to herself as the “husband” and Ingeborg as the “housewife”.

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