Watch: Bid Video for EuroGames 2021 launched

The Copenhagen rainbow sports club, Pan Idraet, is bidding to host EuroGames in 2021. In their bid video that has just been released you can get a taste of their visions for EuroGames 2021. EuroGames will be combined with the already won WorldPride and will be a joint event referred to as Copenhagen 2021.

In the beginning of 2018 the host city of EuroGames 2021 will be decided. The Copenhagen rainbow sports club, Pan Idraet, is bidding to host the LGBTQ+ sporting event and has launched their bid video today to show that Copenhagen has what it takes.

With an ambitious bid for EuroGames 2021 currently in the making along with the bid video Pan Idraet is hoping to convince the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation to choose Copenhagen as the host city of EuroGames 2021.

Copenhagen is something special when it comes to global and inclusive sporting events, says Christian Bigom, chairman of Pan Idraet, the Copenhagen rainbow sports club. – Hosting EuroGames in 2003 and World OutGames in 2009, we proved to the rest of the world that Copenhagen provides safe and secure surroundings for all athletes.

Christian Bigom hopes that the video’s focus on sports and team spirit will make Pan Idraet victorious in their effort to host EuroGames 2021. It is also the last piece to fall into place for Copenhagen Pride and Pan Idraet – a piece necessary in order to reach the full potential of Copenhagen 2021, an event that unifies WorldPride and EuroGames for a joint celebration of love, human rights and sportsmanship.

Our bid video serves a taste of what we can accomplish by uniting EuroGames and WorldPride in 2021: An event that puts sportsmanship, love and human rights front and center, says Lars Christian Østergreen, CEO of Happy Copenhagen – the organization founded by Pan Idraet and Copenhagen Pride to work on both the bidding process along with the planning and execution of EuroGames and WorldPride. – It will be a historic event where activists will break a sweat, athletes will become champions of equality, and party-goers will digest more than the beer from yesterday’s party.

Among the participants in the video are Nikita Nielsen and Tonie Rudby, who are both excited about the opportunity to promote the bid for EuroGames.

– It’s nice to be given a chance to tell people about our city, says Nikita Nielsen. – There’s still many places where you can’t do sports if you’re open about your sexual orientation or gender identity. I hope that Copenhagen 2021 can put this on the agenda around the world.

– It was a funny experience. I’ve never tried kissing my girlfriend under water before, says Tonie Rudby. – The video is beautiful and looks very professional. Now we’re all crossing our fingers that Pan Idraet wins the bid to host EuroGames. That would be huge.

The Annual General Assembly of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation will be held in Copenhagen in 2018, and the final vote on the host city of EuroGames 2021 will take place on March 3.

Copenhagen 2021 is the global mega event that unites EuroGames and WorldPride in the same city of for the time ever. Copenhagen 2021 will be hosted by Pan Idraet and Copenhagen Pride and they invite the whole world to a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship, LGBTQ+ rights and love wrapped in a rainbow-colored pride party where #YouAreIncluded.

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