What to expect of WorldPride and EuroGames

It might be four years out, but the planning for WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen is starting to gear up and with the Interpride AGM coming up in October it will soon be determined if Copenhagen will win the bid for WorldPride in 2021.

What to expect of WorldPride and EuroGames

On 8 October 2017 it will be determined if Copenhagen wins the bid for WorldPride in 2021 and the organizers behind the event named Copenhagen 2021 reveal high ambitions when lifting the veil for some of their ideas.

Copenhagen is currently bidding to host WorldPride and EuroGames in 2021 for one global mega event named Copenhagen 2021.

“Hosting WorldPride and EuroGames in the same city, for the first time ever, is going to be spectacular”, says Lars Christian Østergreen from Happy Copenhagen. “It will be a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship, LGBTQ rights and love – wrapped up in a rainbow-colored pride party where you are included”.

World class sporting events
The organizers hope to feature over 25 sports disciplines for LGBTQ athletes and their allies to compete in, making it one of the largest EuroGames ever. Traditional disciplines such as football, tennis and handball will be featured, while emerging sports such as dodgeball, roller derby and floorball are also being envisioned as part of the program.

“We aim to attract athletes of all levels; professional, elite and recreational to break down the barriers facing LGBTQ athletes. And we want to do so in the world-class sporting facilities that Greater Copenhagen offers”.

Many of the finals will be open for the public and the participating athletes will be guaranteed lots of social events, cultural activities and parties with Copenhagen hosting WorldPride at the same time.

Rainbow-colored city
A Pride House will be set up for the full eleven days of Copenhagen 2021. This will serve as registration and information hub, venue for the human rights conference and a cultural center with arts exhibitions and movie screenings.

Among many other cultural events and activities, Rainbow Villages will pop up around the city and the organizers envision that the main shopping street of Copenhagen will be dubbed Pride Mile to lead people to the Pride Square, which will play host to five days of open air, free of charge stage shows.

“And of course, Copenhagen 2021 will sport an incredible opening ceremony, a massive WorldPride march with thousands of marchers, and parties that will cater to all parts of our community”.

Inclusion front and center
With the tagline of Copenhagen 2021 being #YouAreIncluded, the event promises to put inclusion front and center. To ensure this, a set of advisory committees have been set up to consult the organizers on issues regarding inclusion of women, intersex people, asexual people, trans people and those with intersectional identities.

“We have joined forces with several activists from the LGBTQ community, which will make sure that Copenhagen 2021 includes all parts of our community and serves to elevate the agendas and challenges of all letters of the acronym”.

This inclusivity will also be clear in the sporting events, which will be organized according to the principles of fair play rather than using gender as the line of division. The organizers hope that this will make trans and non-binary people feel more welcome.

“We hope for everyone to join us on this transformative journey along with athletes, activists and party-goers from all over the world to alter the DNA of Greater Copenhagen and every one of us”, says Lars Christian Østergreen.

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