New giant LGBTQ+ hangout in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been craving a spacious LGBTQ+ hangout since the popular PAN closed years back and now it seems like the prayers have been heard as a new mega LGBTQ+ entertainment center is opening in Copenhagen.

New giant LGBTQ+ hangout in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s 800 years old Monastery building ‘Sankt Gertruds Kloster’ will soon open its doors as the largest LGBT Entertainment-Center in Scandinavia. It will become a new playground for all of God’s sexual diverted children – Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders.

MONASTIC [The building in which Monks or Nuns live]
When you enter through the doors in a white stereotype looking building at Hauser Plads 32 you have no idea of what to find inside … You are walking into a treasury of wonderful rooms, arched corridors and dungeons. You will find staircases built of gravestones and baptisteries used as bathroom sinks. This building has all the best possible qualities to become a world known gay mecca.

EPS-Trading is financing the project but all other aspects of the work is carried out by a selected group of Danish gay men.

“We are building a Mega Entertainment Center and we will call it MONASTIC”, says Marketing Director, Carsten Appel. “It will take us about a year before we are all done with the renovation but the project runs at a fantastic pace”.

“It is a big project we have started” – Carsten goes on “but it is definitely a project worth waiting for. When this large MONASTIC is completed it will have it all: Restaurants, Catering and Conference rooms, two large Dance Clubs, a lounge for a Gentlemen’s membership Club, a Drag show Theatre, Bears Bar, Dungeons, Dark rooms and Play rooms, an open air Court yard for sun tanning, chill-out and Barbecue grill nights, a Wellness Spa & Sauna and a Hotel as well as a Youth hostel. – If MONASTIC does not have a room for it – we will make a room for it…! – Sliding walls and secret doors every where can be opened and closed on demand making venues of all kinds possible”.

It will be a building full of life every day as most rooms can be used for free and the restaurant prices are very affordable. The house offers membership cards for only 100 kr. pr. year. With a membership you get 50% discount on all food in the restaurant, meaning you can actually eat lunch here for only 50kr. and apart from that the card also offers free entrance to the dance clubs on regular party nights.
For several years Copenhagen has been without a real dance club. Clubbing is something Copenhageners must fly out to do in other countries and though Berlin is only a 45 minutes flight away the Danes can now be spared the trip and go clubbing at MONASTIC. Instead it will now be possible to offer the Berliners to come clubbing here.

MONASTIC will with all it takes does an effort to get Copenhagen back to what it once was: an international party place worth traveling to.

MONASTIC will open two distinct dance clubs. One club playing House music and one club for Pop and Disco dancers. The two dance rooms will be connected via a long bar lined hallway where guests can choose and change rooms as they please on most nights. “On special event nights that will most likely NOT be possible at all.” giggles Carsten and continues – “The House club is in near proximity to the dungeons and the dark rooms and from next year it will also have direct connection to The Wellness Sauna Spa.
Next comes our Bears Bar called “Bearserk also situated in this part of the building. Bearserk is run and managed by Joakim Jonasson (Jojo) who moved his entire concept to us from Studiestræde.
All in all it is easy to understand why this whole part goes under the expression “Fuck’n Dance”. Every party from “Hot and sleazy to wet and easy” can and will be held here.

Our Pop & disco music club has two floors and are connected via a two spiral staircases. The vibes and attitude found here are of a much different kind than the Fuck’n Dance area. Here you find smiling, well dressed, boys and girls who pose and sing along to music and songs heard earlier same night in our small Cabaret Theatre just next door. Drag Queens and other Cabaret artist are here performing live shows on many nights of the week as well as male strippers. They will start your perfect night out with a good old laughter and a boner.

If you have a nose for quality and elegance you might catch the scent of money around in the air in the area around a staircase leading up to a thick wooden door above you. A private group of wealthy Gentlemen have formed an Executive Club. Here they can peacefully enjoy their expensive Cognacs and Cuban Cigars in a setting of beautiful wooden paneled walls. You can join this club if you chip in with a small amount of only 5000kr.

Quality is also found throughout the rest of the house. It shines out from all directions at MONASTIC.

When you visit our 60 seat restaurant or dine with 33 friends in our private banquet room downstairs, the kitchen will always serve you top quality meals. “It is my top priority to only serve you the best quality of food” says Master chef Neil Cameron. And even though the kitchen will be working long tiring hours from dusk to dawn cooking all the meals of the day: early breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, the use of fresh products will always be a priority. Restaurant Manager, Gudberg Hafstein makes sure that quality is in the service provided by his staff.

When the last part of the building project comes to an end MONASTIC will for sure reflect quality of divine proportions. The Wellness Spa with its bobbling Jacuzzi, the illuminated garden terrace with its barbecue grill nights and the exclusive hotel with its large luxury suites – the world will stand back amazed by the beauty called MONASTIC.

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3 Responses to “New giant LGBTQ+ hangout in Copenhagen”

  1. Noah says:

    Det der med at skrive “God’s sexual[ly] diverted children – gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders” det får det til at lyde, som om det at være transkønnet også er en seksualitet – hvilket det jo IKKE er.

    Transkønnethed handler om køn, og ikke seksualitet. Fx kan en transmand sagtens være fx bøsse – ligesom en cismand også kan være fx bøsse.

    Skandinaviens største LGBT entertainment center skulle gerne have styr på den slags ting, hvis det altså – ikke blot af navn- ønsker at henvende sig til LGBT folk, og ikke kun til G’et.

  2. Philip says:

    See, the problem is I like my dancing without dark rooms and dungeons. It’s all fine and dandy for the rest of you, but there’s only a hallway separating the two. No. I’m not bringing my friends to this pervfrest.

  3. Jacob nicu says:

    Lad os ikke misforstå hele ideen, drømmen og ønskerne fra alle os der kommer til at arbejde på Monastic. Vi vil have at alt der høre under regnbuen kommer tilbageføre sig hjemme i huset. Der skal og kan være alle former for event under hus. Det er hele ideen med Monastic. Alle udefra i dig. NGOer, grupper af regnbue mennesker og folk med lyst til at støtte op om dette nye LGBTQ og hvad der ellers kan påhæftet af bogstaver hus, skal melde ind med ideer og bud, fester osv. Der er folk der vil stå for planlægningen Arne engang i huset, og de er rigtig meget lydhøre for ønsker der ønskes bringes ind i huset Monastic.

    Jeg glæder mig personligt selv ubeskriveligt meget til at tage i mod gæster i døren og være med til at lave nogle af de event der kommer til huset. Har allerede lidt på tegne fætter. Bidrag endelig med flere.

    Ses meget snart til en officiel åbning af Monastic.

    Hilsen dørmanden Jacob

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