8 reasons why we need pride

If you’re looking for reasons to mark pride, look no further. We still have plenty of battles to fight — we have collected 8 good reasons for you to take part in Copenhagen Pride Week 2017.

Copenhagen Pride Parade

  1. It is still illegal for men who have sex with men to donate blood.
  2. The Danish health system is still discriminating trans people.
  3. Young intersex children still undergo gender corrective surgery.
  4. 50% of LGBTs are still closeted at their work place.
  5. The City of Copenhagen does not have an LGBT health policy.
  6. It is not legal for HIV-infected gay men to become parents through artificial insemination.
  7. 20% of all physical assaults are based on the victims’ sexual orientation or gender identity.
  8. The discrimination clause in the Danish Constitution does not protect trans people.

For more information about Copenhagen Pride go to Copenhagenpride.dk.

Photo by Wilfred Gachau

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