Stretch, relax and get social

Copenhagen offers yoga practice in all the colors of the rainbow — from beginners to advanced.


If you didn’t already know it, stretching, relaxing and strengthening your body through the practice of yoga for members of the LGBTQ community is an option in Copenhagen. The name of the place is YogaLife and in this issue of Homotropolis we dig a little bit deeper into how and why a place like YogaLife is important to the LGBTQ community.

By creating a safe space for physical training, health and relaxation through the art of yoga, the founder of YogaLife, Michael Heino Christensen, has managed to build up a solid group of students by offering lessons and inspiration in the wide aspect of yoga.

“Back in 2010 I started teaching in Pan Idræt where I founded Pan Ashtanga Yoga and 4 years later I took it a step further by founding YogaLife as a part of the LGBTQ
community in Copenhagen. I’ve been teaching the art of yoga ever since to contribute to the LGBTQ community — and I really like it”, Michael says when asked about the founding of

“My own journey of working with the mind and body through the Ashtanga Yoga began in 2002. Since then I have practiced Ashtanga Yoga daily under great inspiration and guidance from Susanna Finocchi and I’ve participated in workshops with Lino Miele in Copenhagen, Rome and India. I’ve also participated in workshops with Paul Dallaghan who has a strong focus on pranayama and chakras”.

Michael Heino Christensen has been teaching Ashtanga yoga since 2007 and teach all levels — from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Some people may ask themselves why there is a need to segment yoga or other types of sports into certain communities such as the LGBTQ community and Michael has a clear answer to that question:

“While the core values of YogaLife is to offer qualified education in the aspects of yoga, we also create a social community for LGBTQ people and make room for everyone. The students in YogaLife get qualified education, self-development of a health perspective and a community to share it in – and that is important”.

Besides the practice of yoga, social life is highly valued in YogaLife through yearly retreats for the students where yoga is combined with a social gathering such as dining together. YogaLife also attend Copenhagen Yoga Festival, Copenhagen Pride Parade and other events suitable for the group.

Want to know more?
Normally 5-15 people are attending the weekly classes and YogaLife is offering 2 beginner classes and 2 advanced classes per week. English speakers are welcome.

The monthly membership fee is 115 DKK, which runs until you terminate your payment. The fee is covering two weekly classes.

To join YogaLife sign up on or find Yoga LGBT København on Facebook for more information.

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