Bodies are Beautiful

Meet Malmö-based dancer and photo artist Corrado Di Lorenzo. Corrado is originally from Italy, but now considers Malmö his second home. Sweden gives him the freedom to express himself without judgement.

Corrado Di Lorenzo: Bodies are beautiful

Corrado is 27 years old and an openly gay artist full of passion for both dancing and photography. He grew up in Sicily and later moved to the Bulgarian capital Sofia to pursue his dancing career. But for the last one and a half years he has been living in Malmö where he continues to follow his artistic dreams with great success.

“I was working with the National Opera and Ballet in Sofia, when my boyfriend got the opportunity to continue his studies in Sweden, so I decided to follow him and make it an adventure for both of us. And I have to say that I truly have loved Sweden ever since the moment I arrived. Not only is it a beautiful country with great landscapes, but I also love how people have the freedom to express themselves without judgement from society”, Corrado says.

Feeding the needs of the soul
Although obvious cultural differences between Scandinavia and Southern Europe mean that people are a bit more introvert up here and friendships can take longer to establish, Sweden has managed to find its way to Corrado’s heart.

“I was in Italy over the holidays and when I was on my way back to Malmö I realized that I was looking forward to getting back to my second home. I really like living here.”

Moving to a new country and a new city obviously also meant a big change artistically —especially since Corrado was used to being in the spotlight on stage back in Bulgaria.

“Suddenly I wasn’t involved in any production or show as a dancer any longer, and it was hard for me since I was used to being on stage every week and standing in front of big audiences. I missed expressing my artistic side and felt a need to do something to fill that empty void. This something became photography. It is a way for me to be on my own private stage, and I think that all artists need art to feed the needs of their soul. I have always felt a hunger for photography and discovering it has meant so much to me. So today I am actually grateful for that period when I struggled as a dancer, because it meant I found something else instead”.

Bodies are beautiful
Being a dancer and an artist in general is very much about giving the audience emotional, beautiful or inspiring experiences. And knowing that your performance moves another person makes it all worth it.

“I remember once, at the end of a show, a woman from the audience stopped me and began to tell me how grateful she was to me and the other dancers for the big emotions we gave to her that night. I could see all these emotions reflected in her eyes. I could see our art there”, Corrado explains.

The 27-year old artist often expresses himself without too much clothes on, and this is a very deliberate choice.

“I have always loved nudes in general, and also when it comes to art. I find it so natural. It shows us just the way we are and I find that human bodies are really beautiful. So why not use the body to make art?”

Corrado coming up
While the present mainly revolves around photography for Corrado Di Lorenzo the near future will bring him on stage as well in several upcoming productions.

“Right now I am working with Malmö-based choreographer Emma Ribbing, and in the near future I will also work in Copenhagen with choreographer Ingrid Kristensen. Later this year I have a production in Stockholm working with Finnish choreographer and dancer Virpi Pahkinen. I am also working on a solo performance on stage that will involve my work as a photographer too”.

If you want to stay updated on Corradi Di Lorenzo’s where-abouts and projects you can follow him on Instagram (@omsem_ajr) or check out his Tumblr (omsemajr).

Corrado Di Lorenzo and balloons

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