Gender Free Internet is now available

Copenhagen Pride is behind a new project pushing the message of a gender free internet to both users and website owners.

Gender Free Internet is now available

By installing a Google Chrome plugin your browser automatically removes gender boxes from forms you meet online. Copenhagen Pride believes that its time to remove the two old school binary boxes we meet online – and so they did with a new tool named Gender Free Internet.

On Copenhagen Pride’s Facebook page they explain a bit more about how the plugin works: “While the people behind the form [on a website] do not know that you have the extension installed, the app actually does tell you that the form you are about to fill out seems to have irrelevant questions about your gender and it prompts you with the opportunity to engage with the given company/person [website owner] via Twitter or Facebook and let them know that they seem to be out of date. So in that way you will still be aware of which persons/companies have gender questions and you will also be able to directly respond via social media”.

The focus on gender is increasing within the general public and is not just a hot topic within the LGBTQ+ community.

“With Gender Free Internet we wish to give people all over the world respect and recognition by making it possible to surf the internet without being confronted with the discrimination of gender boxes. The future is gender free, and it starts with a Gender Free Internet” says chairperson of Copenhagen Pride, Lars Henriksen.

According to National Geographic a recent survey of a thousand millennials found that 50% think gender is a spectrum rather than just a binary choice, Copenhagen Pride mentions in a press release and follow up with an explanation that today gender identity is a shifting landscape, and a lot of people don’t feel like complying to the gender norms. To some people, gender specific form boxes are just as annoying and intrusive as ads on YouTube are to people trying to watch a cute cat video. The difference is that YouTube videos don’t hurt anyone´s feelings.

You can get more information and download the plugin here – and if you haven’t already seen it you can watch the ad for the Gender Free Internet below.

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