Footballers unite against Homophobia

A united Danish football community is behind a strong and clear message that homophobia is unacceptable and not to be tolerated any longer.

Footballers unite against Homophobia

A campaign launched by The Danish Football Players’ Association, The Danish Football Association (DBU) and the Division Association with the purpose of finally kicking homophobia out of football in Denmark has gotten off to a great start with rainbow colours
visible in the stadium.

“We are proud of the support we are receiving in the fight against homophobia. It is a strong message and a clear sign to everyone within the football communities that homophobia is still existing and it needs to be taken seriously”, said footballer Mathias Zanka Jørgensen who is also a board member of The Danish Football Players’ Association.

The campaign against homophobia will keep going throughout the next 6 months and involves various activities and events.

In late April players of the Danish Superliga were wearing rainbow coloured captain’s armbands and marched on to the football field holding rainbow flags. More and bigger happenings are planned during summer and the football community will also take part in both Aarhus Pride and Copenhagen Pride Week.

“It is of great importance that we unite against homophobia and we would like to get both coaches, players, referees, fans and volunteers involved in this, so that we as a united Danish football community can stand up strong against homophobia”, said Claus Bretton-Meyer, CEO at The Danish Football Association.

The serious issue of homophobia in football was initially brought up by FC Copenhagen football player Mathias Zanka Jørgensen in December 2016, and he has since been a frontrunner on the issue and has also put himself in front of the current campaign.

What makes this campaign unique is that both players and associations stand united.

“It has been important for us players that the challenges of homophobia are being acknowledged and taken seriously in Danish football. It is essential that all stakeholders take action and support the campaign so we can make a real change and create an environment in which homophobia is in no way tolerated”.

A united Danish football community is behind a strong and clear message that homophobia is unacceptable and not to be tolerated any longer.

FC Copenhagen players wore rainbow armbands and rainbow flags were present at the stadium to bring awareness to homophobia in football during a game this spring.


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