Copenhagen takes over Miami at World OutGames

Happy Copenhagen is ready to represent Copenhagen and market Copenhagen 2021 at this year’s World OutGames in Miami. And with an awesome line-up of Danish performers and a whole new visual identity they are ready to impress the many guests expected to visit World OutGames.

Copenhagen takes over Miami at World OutGames

Miami Beach will play host to World OutGames from 26 May to 4 June. As official Partner OutCity, Copenhagen will be a large part of the event’s cultural pillar with stage shows, receptions, pop-up events, parties and the historic training vessel Georg Stage moored in the harbor of Miami Beach adorned with rainbow flags.

“As Copenhagen is bidding to host WorldPride and EuroGames in 2021, the City of Copenhagen thought it was a good idea to use World OutGames as a venue to market Greater Copenhagen as well as our bids for the two events at the same time”, says Lars Christian Østergreen, managing director at Happy Copenhagen.

The organizers of World OutGames originally planned for 15,000 participants, and although they may not hit that goal entirely, thousands of people from all over the world will still take part in the event.

Awesome performers
Happy Copenhagen is proud to present a large line-up of Danish performers at the World OutGames stage in Miami.

“We believe our presence as Partner OutCity will help strengthen the brand of Copenhagen as an open-
minded city and a champion of LGBTQ equality”, says Lars Christian Østergreen. “And we are happy to bring along an incredible line-up of performers to impress the thousands of visitors and participants”.

The line-up includes Di Di Cancerella, Harley Queen, Megan Moore, Tinus De Schunard, Bryan Rice & Mads Enggaard, DJ Entree, Mendoza, Borneland, DJ Tonny Liljenberg, DJ Witzansky, Michiel Tange van Leeuwen and Peter Rude Torp.

These performers will be having a combined stage presence of 16 hours and take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of World OutGames as well as the receptions and parties hosted by Copenhagen.

Georg Stage waves the rainbow flag
As a once in a lifetime experience, the historic training vessel Georg Stage will be moored in the nearby harbor to sport a deck decorated with rainbow flags.

“It will be a magnificent venue for the VIP reception that Copenhagen will host”, says Lars Christian Østergreen.

The ship crew will also be hosting on-board lectures on the history of the ship and Danish maritime history. Visitors can also do a podcast-walk from the most recent exhibition at the Danish Maritime Museum in Elsinore. Free of charge and open for all.

Dressed to impress
With the new logo and brand identity of Copenhagen 2021 having recently been revealed, World OutGames in Miami is the perfect occasion to present this for a larger audience.

“We will truly be dressed to impress with our new logo and visual identity. Hopefully, this will make the Copenhagen presence stand out visually and make people take note of the Copenhagen bids to host WorldPride and EuroGames”, says Lars Christian Østergreen.

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