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Take a quick trip with us around the world as we have handpicked a few LGBTQ news we believe are either nice to know or need to know.

LGBTQ News - Around the World

CHECHNYA / Gay concentration camps
100+ men presumed to be gay have been detained and tortured in concentration camps in the Russian republic Chechnya. A minimum of 3 men have been killed by local authorities in what is referred to as a systematic LGBT ”purge”. The news were revealed by the leading Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta, but Russian and Chechnya authorities deny to have any knowledge about the incidents.
The news have gained huge international attention and human rights groups such as Amnesty is urging the Russian government to initiate an investigation and percecute the perpetrators in accordance with international legal standards.

USA / RuPaul gets hitched
The host of RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul Andre Charles, revealed on an appearance in the TV show Hollywood Today Live, that he married his longterm partner, Georges LeBar.
RuPaul and Georges have been together for 23 years and state: “We never wanted to do it, we’ve been looking into it really for tax breaks and for financial things”. They got married in early 2017, but didn’t make it public until late spring.

USA / Creator of the Rainbow Flag dies
The founding father of the rainbow flag known as a symbol of pride passed away in late spring. His name was Gilbert Baker – an American LGBTQ activist and artist who designed the rainbow flag back in 1978.
Gilbert Baker raised the very first rainbow flag at San Francisco Pride (USA) in 1978. Back then the flag consisted of 8 colors which is now narrowed down to 6.

THE FALKLAND ISLANDS / Full marriage equality
The Falkland Islands recently passed a historic legislation legalising same-sex marriage. The Legislative Assembly took the new legislation for a vote after af public consultation showing that 90 percent of local respondents were in favour of same-sex marriage.
The new legislation passed with seven votes in favour and one against making full marriage equality a reality at the Falkland Islands.

NETHERLANDS / Dutch officials hold hands in LGBTQ Solidarity
Dutch officials including cops, politicians and businessmen walked the streets hand in hand to raise awareness of a gay couple who was brutally attacked with bolt cutters for doing just that; holding hands.
The solidarity trend with the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand (all men hand in hand ) was kicked off by Dutch journalist, Barbara Berend. She called for all Dutch men to hold hands in public to show support for the victims who got attacked in the city of Arnhem in early April.

INDIA / First trans sporting event at state level
Numerous sporting events for trans sports people took place in Palayam Central Stadium in South India in the end of April 2017. The event was organised by Kerala State Sports Council and was the first sporting event for trans people at a state level in India. The participants competed in a number of disciplines.

AUSTRALIA / UK helping same-sex couples to marry
The British High Commission is helping same-sex couples to marry down under, even though equal marriage is still not a reality in Australia.
The British High Commission is allowing same-sex couples to marry on British con-sulate grounds as long as one of the couple is a British citizen.
More than a hundred couples have been married on British soil in Australia so far.

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