Jim Lyngvild removed from Holocaust memorial

Danish designer Jim Lyngvild can no longer be seen kissing another guy in the film looping in Berlin’s memorial to gay Holocaust victims. The video was swapped on January 10 after a tourist tipped the foundation behind the memorial that Lyngvild is both racist, sexist and homophobic.

Jim Lyngvild  removed from Holocaust memorial

A looped video of two men kissing each other has been an integral part of Berlin’s memorial to homosexual Holocaust victims since 2008. In early January the video sparked debate in Germany after a Danish tourist recognised one of the men in the video as openly gay Danish designer Jim Lyngvild and subsequently contacted Berlin’s queer magazine Siegessäule, letting them know that Lyngvild is a highly controversial figure in Denmark with views that by some are considered to be both racist, sexist and even homophobic.

The story quickly caught media attention in Berlin leading to the artist duo behind the memorial, Elmgreen & Dragset, distancing themselves from Lyngvild and recommending that the film be replaced.

“The public provocations made by one of the actors years after the movie was made are in sharp contrast to the intention of both the monument and the film. We do not know Jim Lyngvild personally and we want to dissociate ourselves in every way from the remarks made by him in recent years”, Elmgreen & Dragset said in an interview with Siegessäule.

Jim Lyngvild has for years been notorious in Denmark for his often controversial public outbursts in which gays have been ridiculed or referred to in degrading ways. Lyngvild was also fired as the host for Copenhagen Pride Show in 2013 due to homophobic slur and has publicly defended the right-wing Danish People’s Party and is a personal friend of the party’s co-founder Pia Kjærsgaard.

“This is just wonderful. It proves to me that some people, especially homosexual men, have a tendency to be the worst bitches when it comes to feeling persecuted and assuming the roles of victims. Why would my friendship with Pia Kjærsgaard make me a worse homosexual? And furthermore I find it both funny and very puzzling that I as a homosexual man am being accused of homophobia”, said Jim Lyngvild in an interview with Ekstra Bladet after the movie had been removed.

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