Honestly … I don’t care what you are!

Annemette is on the cover of this issue, beautifully wrapped in a rainbow flag. Being straight and deeply involved in Copenhagen’s LGBTQ community might be a fact — but a fact she would hesitate a bit to confirm. Why? Because boxes and labels really do not matter.

Honestly ... I don't care what you are!

If you regularly frequent the gay bars in Copenhagen, like to watch drag shows or participate in Copenhagen Pride Week, chances are you have seen (or heard) our cover girl before. Annemette is working behind the bar in My Fair Ladies, she is a member of the board of Copenhagen Pride and also one of our few male impersonators.

“I feel so lucky to be working at the best bar in town: My Fair Ladies. I love music, musicals, good atmosphere and the freedom to express yourself. Here I can jump around with weird hats while singing along with the guests and have a great time”, says Annemette who in recent years has become more and more involved in the LGBTQ community.

“Being a board member of Copenhagen Pride is very rewarding and I joined the pride to be part of organising one of the world’s best festivals and to try to make people stop putting labels on one another. Oh, and I also do drag. I am a drag king. I put on the occasional wig and beard and become this disgusting, alcoholic man called Bjarno, who is totally fun to play”.

The only straight in the village?
So how does a heterosexual girl suddenly find herself in the very centre of the LGBTQ community?

“Some years back I was doing this musical, and the gay colleagues – who went on to become friends of mine – dragged me around to every gay bar in town and I met so many wonderful people and immediately loved it. I have discovered that I share so many interests with the LGBTQ community and I love the relaxed atmosphere, not to mention the self-irony and sarcasm that I feel is an integral part of the community”, says Annemette who is also very passionate about putting an end to all the labelling and all the boxes:

“People judge one another and tend to place each other inside boxes with labels on them in order to navigate. I wish we could remove these boxes and simply agree to meet each other openly. I never had a need to define myself and neither should you. Honestly, I don’t care what you are as long as you are fine and nice to others”, Annemette says.

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