Homotropolis Magazine is Out!

Welcome to this issue of Homotropolis. Our new magazine is touching upon numerous subjects all related to LGBTQ issues and we’re once again excited to share it with you.

Winter Pride Week is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year, making it a newcomer to Copenhagen’s LGBTQ community and a much needed rainbow escape during these grey and cold months. The initiative is founded and organised by Copenhagen Pride and the coming years will hopefully see a positive development for the concept of Winter Pride. The programme this year is even more ambitious and comprehensive than previous years, and there is little doubt that Copenhagen Pride has given birth to a baby with powerful potential. This is why we urge you to participate and join the events during Winter Pride Week – and by doing so showing your support for the work that the volunteers from Copenhagen Pride have put into Winter Pride and urging them to keep going and keep growing.

This issue also includes a very personal story by Robert Davis which deals with the frustrations and complications of growing up gay in a very religious and conservative family. Sharing such a personal and intimate story shows both courage and strength and we are honored to be the platform from which Robert’s story comes out into the open.

We are very proud to welcome Tanya and Robin as our writers, and extremely thankful for the efforts they put into giving the cisgendered majority a unique opportunity for education and eyeopening perspectives as seen through the eyes of transgendered people. The fact that the media still have not learned to write news stories about trans issues without misgendering and deadnaming shows us that there is still a long way to go.

On the subject of gender, a positive story comes from the Swedish side where Malmö Opera recently introduced a gender neutral bathroom in order to make sure non-binary people feel welcome.

You can also read about homophobia on the Danish soccer fields, the upcoming national selections for Eurovision Song Contest, LGBT Denmark’s work in Tunisia and much more. Enjoy!

Happy Winter Pride and lots of love from

Homotropolis Crew

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