New Homotropolis Magazine is OUT

Welcome to this issue of Homotropolis which comes out just as Winter and the holiday season is upon us once again.

New Homotropolis Magazine is OUT

Inside the magazine you will – among other things – find a story that attempts to take a closer look at the representation of women and female-identified persons within the LGBTQ+ organisations. It is often claimed that cis-gendered men or male-identified persons are dominating the rainbow movement and in order to find out whether that is in fact the case, we asked some of the organisations working for the LGBTQ+ communities in both Denmark and Sweden how the representation is in their boardrooms.

While the initial results cannot conclude that women and female-identified persons are invisible or not included it is clear that there is a tendency towards women being underrepresented. The reasons can be many and we will look further into that in our next issue. It is also encouraging to hear that the organisations are very aware of the importance of diversity and having all genders represented and that measures are being taken in order to try to ensure true inclusion and create safe spaces for all genders and all the colours of the rainbow.

We are also really proud to bring you Tanya’s very intimate story, written by Tanya herself, putting into words what it is like to be a transgender woman and growing up not feeling right. We would like to thank Tanya for her touching and educating contribution.

You can also meet Copenhagen-based drag queen Jaxie Bearcunt who is also the cover model of this issue, and of course you will also find tips and ideas for what to do and where to go in these dark and cold months of the year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a really Happy New Year.

With love from
Homotropolis Crew

PS. You can find out printed magazine in all LGBTQ plaes in Copenhagen and Malmö.

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