Jaxie Bearcunt: Dumb, Clowny and Cunty

Jaxie Bearcunt is one of the more recent queens to enter the drag scene in Copenhagen. We met up with Jaxie not only for a hilarious photoshoot but also to chat about life as a clowny and cunty queen.

Jaxie Bearcunt: Dumb, Clowny and Cunty

When Jaxie Bearcunt sashays onto the stage you immediately notice that she is different in both style and appearance. A bearded queen with enormous eyelashes and a massive makeup who doesn’t really seem to impersonate anybody but instead mixes and plays with genres creating this very unique act that has had audiences laughing, clapping and begging for more throughout the last two years. But where does it come from and who is Jaxie Bearcunt really?

“Well….Jaxie Bearcunt is a dumb queen, a clowny queen and a cunty queen. I have a vagina and it is very hairy”, says Jaxie while casually feeling her genital area just to check that all is still good down there.

“I think what makes me different is the fact that I am an original. No, wait, that sounds a bit too shady. I am my own. My clowny appearance is definitely different, and I also think I mix a lot of unexpected styles while still doing fashion. I don’t do direct references much. I have a lot of fragments that I infuse and thereby create my very own style. I believe this is what makes me special besides from the fact that I am the only clowny bearded queen out there”.

Jaxie Bearcunt’s first time on stage was for Drag Night during Copenhagen Pride Week 2014 but the career didn’t really start to take off until April 2015 when she got picked for the lineup for Draghouse in Copenhagen.

“I have been doing drag for one and a half year now, and it is clear to me that Copenhagen still could use some upgrades. I mean, I think we are doing an okay job now considering that Denmark is a small country and Copenhagen is not a very big capital, and I do love the shows and pageants that are being organised from time to time, but we need a more steady base in Copenhagen. A venue devoted to drag like you can find in many other big cities in Europe. I never know when my next gig is and where it will be, so we need a place with weekly shows where guests can always show up and know there will be drag shows”, says Jaxie who has also learned that she’d better work in order to move forward with her drag career.

“You really have to fight hard to brand yourself and get yourself out there. You have to be constantly present on social media and sell yourself in every possible way. I do a lot to keep Jaxie alive and to stay relevant and I actually do think it is quite tough here if you want to make a career out of it”.

Jaxie Bearcunt’s name came into existence while brainstorming on ideas from the musical Chicago:

“I was with my friend and we were working on this Chicago act where we would be Velma and Roxie, and then suddenly it came to me that instead of Roxie Hart I should be Jaxie Hart. But then I didn’t really like Hart very much so I thought, well, since I am both a bear and a cunt my surname should be Bearcunt. And that was it. She was named”.

Although Jaxie is still one of the new queens in town experience comes fast and with that comes ambition and dreams.

“For me it is important to not think too far ahead because it will be so frustrating if I don’t really go anywhere. I think the drag world right now is based on certain people seeing you and reaching out to you, so you need to be discovered somehow. I myself get more and more comfortable with doing drag and I actually like it more for every performance I do. I used to be quite lazy with my costumes, but now I am excited to do it and willing to get only a few hours of sleep at night in order to do what I really love doing. I am getting more and more into doing drag and I feel that the more I like it the bigger my dreams become”.

Although Jaxie is eager to pursue a drag career she is also very insisting in being true to her own style and aesthetics.

“I can do Röyksopp with skulls and be very robotic and weird because I like it when it becomes more serious and artistic, but my clowny side is the most common one and the one I pull out for most of my performances. I always get my inspiration from something that really makes me laugh. Like reality-tv with Paris Hilton looking for her new best friend. I mean, that is so ridiculous and so funny at the same time. Then I take that idea and start working with it until I find out how I can use it. My idea process is very slow compared to others because I don’t start out with a song I want to do. I often start out with an idea and a story I want to tell and then I dig in and find songs that I like or songs that match afterwards. It takes a long time but it works for me”, Jaxie explains.

“And I have to say that I am not a very educated drag queen. I am not too familiar with drag herstory like many of the other queens are. I only recently watched “The Wizard of Oz” and I haven’t really seen most of the movies that all the other drag queens believe you need to see. And I think it gives me freedom to go my own ways when I don’t feel I need to pick specific directions because I got schooled to do certain things”.

Jaxie Bearcunt can be experienced live in VEGA on December 10th along with several other Danish queens when Draghouse opens up the doors for the Christmas edition.

For more on Jaxie find her on Facebook.

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