Our Pride Issue 2016 is out!

Welcome to the pride issue of Homotropolis magazine. Both Malmö Pride and Copenhagen Pride are just around the corner and we have taken a closer look at the programme for both festivals and handpicked some events that we feel you should not miss out on.

Homotropolis Pride Issue 2016

It is not uncommon that people ask why pride festivals and pride parades are still necessary and relevant in countries such as Denmark and Sweden who are often regarded as global frontrunners when it comes to LGBTQ equality. But being ahead of others is not the same as having crossed the finish line and there is a long list of reasons why the LGBTQ community cannot be resting on our laurels just yet.

Topping this list are hate crimes and hate speech – both online and in real life – motivated by homophobia and transphobia. People are still being stared at, yelled at, harassed and beaten up simply for daring to be who they are or engaging in public displays of affection with the person they love. This alone is one of the answers to why pride is still relevant in 2016 and inside this issue you can meet three brave people who have experienced hate crimes.

Lots of reasons exist other than hate crimes. Marginalisation and failed treatment of transgender people, continuous bans on donating blood or sperm and a predominant old-fashioned binary view on gender are just a few of these. It all sums up to the fact that real equality has yet to be achieved and on the bumpy road to more equality, inclusion and tolerance one of the strongest forces is that of unity and community. Standing strong together – shoulder to shoulder – makes us powerful and impossible to ignore. And there is no better place to show solidarity and unity than in a pride parade.

You can read the full issue right here

We wish you a happy pride!

Homotropolis Crew

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