The Revival of LEZ

Copenhagen has relatively few party options catering specifically to the lesbian clientele, but good news arrived with the upcoming revival of the female-only concept LEZ.


LEZ has been a popular recurring event for lesbian and bisexual women over the past few years, but for quite some time the organisers behind one of Copenhagen’s most beloved girls-only party concepts have been quiet. That is, up until now. LEZ is being revived with a new woman behind the wheel and her name is Denise Mellin.

Denise is a very passionate and enthusiastic woman and her projects are usually guided and driven forward by her creative mind. She has a degree in arts and design; a degree she draws from in everything she does, and combing that with a thorough inside knowledge of “Raahuset” – the LEZ venue in which she has been a bar manager for 6 years – the future of the women-only party concept looks bright in every way.

”Raahuset has given me so much; both on a personal and professional level. In a few words, Raahuset is the ultimate “playground” for any kind of creative expression”, Denise states when asked to explain what is so spectacular about the LEZ venue.

Denise is no stranger to LEZ. She got involved right back when it all started and have been working closely with the original founders of LEZ:

”I have known the founders, Cody and John, since before LEZ came into existence. I have had the pleasure of seeing them plant the very roots of LEZ and make it into what it is today. When I was offered to take over LEZ I was very honoured and – to be honest – a little bit terrified. I have so much respect for Cody and John and everything they have achieved with LEZ”.

LEZ will be more
While Denise is now the woman in charge of LEZ she intends to stay true to the original concept while making sure the brand evolves and develops.

“My dream for LEZ is to increase the level of entertainment and by doing that bring even more women together. I want to reach out and meet people where they are. I would also like to bring LEZ to Malmö, and hopefully more than just once”, Denise reveals when asked about her ambitions for LEZ.

“In the past LEZ has had four major parties each year, always spices up with that little extra. I want to keep it that way and build onto it. I believe that LEZ is capable of so much more. I am seriously working on expanding LEZ and currently looking into different kinds of pop-up events. LEZ is all about big colourful parties, great music, art and surprises. This is what I am aiming for”, says Denise, the new woman behind the revived LEZ.

The next LEZ party will be held at Raahuset in Vesterbro, just a 5-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station on June 18. Find LEZ on facebook for updated info.

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