Comedian Margaret Cho returns to Copenhagen

Badass queer comedian Margaret Cho is currently on tour with her new show “There’s No I in Team But There’s a Cho in Psycho” which brings her to the Danish capital on December 10.


Being both an acclaimed comedian notoriously known for having no topics off-limits as well as an outspoken LGBT activist and feminist, Margaret Cho is bound to once again make a full Bremen Teater cheer and laugh when she takes the stage on December 10 with her latest show. We caught up with Margaret to find out what can be expected from the Psycho tour.

“This show is really about insanity and the anger I feel about what’s happening in the world right now. There is so much violence in our society and how to deal with that? Police brutality, gun violence, racism and violence against women. This show is very much about current events. It makes me really angry and crazy”, says Cho who also promises that Bill Cosby will get some less honourable mentions during the show.

Besides being a comedian Margaret Cho is famous for speaking up on issues such as LGBT equality, women’s rights, racism and the homeless. Advocacy and comedy both came natural for the now 46-year old Cho.

“I consider myself very much an activist. I started out with both comedy and political work back in the 1980’s in San Francisco during the plague of AIDS. There was so much to do politically. Fundraising, getting information out and educating people about AIDS. I was very involved in finding funding and doing benefits and events within the gay community. I really got educated back then and it has since become a natural part of my life to speak up and get involved”.

Two of Margaret Cho’s biggest inspirations were Robin Williams and Joan Rivers who unfortunately have both passed away. But their legacies were luckily passed on – also to Margaret Cho.

“Robin Williams was all about being in the moment. He was so alive and so present and possessed this tremendous improvisational force. He was also an activist and tireless in his battle for helping homeless people. Joan Rivers on the other hand was amazing because she was the most grateful person. She had this incredible gratitude for everything in her life. And she taught me that. To be grateful.”

As a comedian Margaret Cho is famous for having no taboos and no subjects off-limits. But how does this balance work?

“I think it is important to approach everything with compassion. I don’t wanna hurt anybody personally but I feel that talking honestly about as much as you can is very important.”

And Margaret Cho does talk about almost any subject and is never afraid to put herself out there and talk from her own very private experiences. She recently premiered her new music video entitled “(I Want To) Kill My Rapist” which deals with her own history with sexual abuse.

Whilst Margaret Cho has been playing many characters throughout her career including North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, she has never played God. But we gave her a chance and asked her to change just one thing in the world right now. Her answer came with no hesitation:

“I would get rid of guns immediately. I find it hideous and a travesty. And the justification that people have for owning a weapon is just not right”.

Margaret Cho’s Psycho tour lands in Copenhagen on December 10 where she will perform in Bremen Teater. Tickets available now via Billetnet.

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